havesafebefunKristen. 26 and 3/4. HR Professional with insanely stressful job. I like to laugh, drink, look at sexy boys, and dream about what life will be like when I don't have to work this hard and have more time to enjoy it.


My old name was have safe, be fun. I still live by that policy but felt it was time for a change.



    kidneys suck

    MIA again for a different reason… felt cruddy all weekend- my back was achy and uncomfortable and by Monday at 1:00 pm I couldn’t take it anymore.. $100 later, find out from the immediate care center that I have a kidney infection among other small issues… BLAH!  Still hurts, it’s not a fun thing at all.  I can’t even tell if the medicine is working or not yet.

    On a better note, I took my national certification exam to become a certified staffing professional and I passed!  Woohoo!

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